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Our pledge to you:
As our customer, you are the most important person in the world to us. We rely on you for our income and in so, you should know that:
1) We will NEVER sell you a generic or used product. We you purchase a product from us it will always be brand new and in the packaging the manufacturer supplied it in. We are an American company and do business in Florida, USA. We are proud of that and having you know that the parts you purchase from us are NOT cheap knock offs from China or Hong Kong. Your purchase will always be shipped either from our Florida office or the Canon warehouse in California.
2) We are constantly looking for better ways to serve you and they will be ways that makes YOUR life just a little easier.
3) If you have questions, we are always willing to speak with you. That's why our phone number is posted. If you call and cannot get through to us, please leave a voice mail. We will return the call as quickly as possible.
4) Though we sell Canon parts, our technical knowledge is limited. That's why we have the technical support number for Canon's tech support people listed. They are the bright ones. We basically just handle parts distribution. That does NOT mean that we won't try and help you when we can.
5) We will never knowingly provide you with information we do not know to be 100% accurate and true. When you choose us to provide you with parts or printers, you become a part of our family and as such, we will always try our best to treat you like family.
6) We are a small company. There's just two of us. Some times we can get tied up but will always be willing to spend the same amount of time with you that we just spent with the customer before you.