Print Head Express

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Contact Information
Print Head Express is operated from:
6795 Sandhill Drive
Port St John, FL USA - 32927-3912
Telephone: +321-537-1445

Important Note !!!

If you need to call us to verify an order, please make note that we do NOT accept phone calls from "Private" or "Blocked" phone numbers. You already know who we are and if you wish to do business with us, we expect to be able to know who you are as well.

If you have ALREADY paid someone for a print head and not received it or heard any news from your seller, then you have probably made your purchase from an entirely DIFFERENT company, located in Richmond, Virginia, named, also operating under a company named "Prospect Marketing" (Note: then missing "E" in Express) and they are NOT us in any way, shape or form. We are Print Head Express (with the "E" in Express) and located in Florida. Please contact them and ask why you have not received your merchandise. You are NOT the only customer THEY have done this to. You also paid them more for the print head than if you would have purchased it from us. Please go back to the web site you made the purchase from to resolve this issue. This is something we have nothing to do with and unfortunately cannot help in this situation.

Please note that, as much as we would like to accommodate you, we cannot take orders over the phone. We only accept orders through PayPal which is the world's largest and most secure internet payment system that 100% guaranties your payment until your merchandise arrives. No one, NO ONE else does that. And since PayPal is the company that charges your credit card, not us, it gives you additional security that you would not have if you just called someone on the phone and read off your credit card number.

If you need to place an order to be delivered to a P.O. Box, it can only be shipped by UPS Ground which then converts to their "Mail Innovations" as Fed Ex will absolutely NOT deliver any package to a P.O. Box. That is a full week to seven BUSINESS days for delivery. I do NOT normally get tracking numbers from Fed Ex or UPS until at least ONE full day after your order has been shipped and only when you specifically call or e-mail me for it as printer parts are shipped ONLY by Canon in California. If you need a tracking number, please call or E-mail me at least 24 hours AFTER you receive my shipment notification letter and I will call Canon to get that tracking number for you. I do NOT mind doing that if the number is necessary.