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15 Jan 2015 - ATTENTION Canon iP5300, MP810, iP4500, MP610, MX850 Users: Canon has announced the discontinuation of the QY6-0075 print head that fits your printers. The supply has now been depleted and will not be replaced.

05 Jan 2015 - ATTENTION Canon Customers: Canon has announced a HUGE price increase. Some of the print heads have MORE THAN DOUBLED in price. This is unfortunate but not surprising. The affected print heads are the: QY6-0068, QY6-0072, QY6-0076 (QY6-0055). QY6-0077, QY6-0080 and QY6-0085.

22 Sept 2014 - ATTENTION Canon MP980 Users: Canon has announced the discontinuation of the QY6-0074 print head that fits your printers. The supply has now been depleted and will not be replaced.

15 Sept 2014 - ATTENTION Canon IP3300, IP3500, MP510, MP520, MX700 Users: Canon has announced the discontinuation of the QY6-0070 print head that fits your printers. The supply has now been depleted and will not be replaced.

22 Aug 2013 - Canon has announced the discontinuation of the QY6-0069 print head. The supply has now been depleted and will not be replaced.

09 Aug. 2013 - ATTENTION: Canon iP8500, iP8600, i9900, 9900i owners and any Canon owner whose printer uses (used) the QY6-0055 print head. This is IMPORTANT.  Thanks to Flipchuk Johnny, I have been able to confirm something I thought I remembered from a few years ago when Canon ran out (temporarily) of the QY6-0055 print head. There IS a print head available for your printer, though Canon will deny it. The QY6-0055 print head can be replaced with the QY6-0076 print head and it works perfectly. As a result, we will be selling the QY6-0076 print head as a replacement for the QY6-0055 and that should get about one third of our customers back to printing as usual. Thanks, Johnny!

Canon has still not changed their archaic policy about customers purchasing more than one of any particular print head at a time. This means that, while I will still accept multiple orders for any part number you need to purchase, I will have to have them shipped one per day until your order is complete. That raises shipping costs, but only because Canon charges me for each shipment as well. I wish they would change this policy. I have had customers from major companies wanting to purchase 20 - 50 pieces of one part number but have not found a way around this ridiculous policy that would allow me to ship them with any kind of expediency.

You might note that I have posted a fairly complete list of countries and whether we do or do not ship to these countries. We've had a lot of inquiries and I thought this might be an easier way to check with just one click.

Please note that we are now offering additional parts other than just print heads. We also offer ink absorbers / blotters for many popular printers as well. We keep trying to grow to offer you the best selection of available parts, but it's certainly one of those slowly but surely things.

PLEASE also remember that I CAN NOT take orders over the telephone. I have no way to charge your credit card. PayPal handles all of that seamlessly and is MUCH more secure than reading your credit card number off to someone you don't know on the telephone. I apologize if this creates an inconvenience, but there are two good reasons for this:
1: I do not have a credit card merchant account that lets me charge ANYONE'S credit card for anything so I MUST use PayPal for the actual charging of the credit cards.
2: The PayPal site is a secure site ( in fact, probably the most trusted site in the world for internet sales as well. ) and has literally been around almost forever (well as long as people wanted to send money over the internet and do it securely and thus protects YOU from credit card theft or fraud and that translates into saving both YOU and I from unnecessary headaches.

For domestic U.S. orders, I will also send you an e-mail confirmation, separate from that sent by PayPal. It will give your Canon order number, the date that your part is shipped and a date when you should expect receipt of your purchase. No one else in this business does that, and I do it for YOUR satisfaction (and my own peace of mind). It does NOT, however, provide you with the FedEx tracking number. When I place an order with the Canon order desk, THEY do not get a tracking number. The order is electronically forwarded to the Canon warehouse in California, who actually ships your parts. They do not have a tracking number either. In fact, they do not get a tracking number until AFTER the Fed Ex (or UPS) truck comes by and the driver physically takes possession of your package. At THAT point, the warehouse gets the tracking number. That evening, the warehouse enters the tracking number into the computer. If having a tracking number is something that you need, please call us at our business number or e-mail us at LEAST one full day after your order has been acknowledged by us and I will call Canon while you wait on the other line and have the order desk look up your tracking number. In the over nine years that PrintHeadExpress has been in business, we have NEVER, not even once, had a customer NOT get the parts he / she ordered. It is just that Canon has made trying to track shipments all but impossible. But trust me when I tell you that your purchase has been shipped and you WILL have your package on or BEFORE the date I tell you to expect it.

For International Orders, I will also send you an e-mail confirmation, separate from that sent by PayPal. It will list the U.S customs tracking number. That number is GENERALLY not trackable through the postal system, but will tell you when the package was delivered to the post office and when it left the United States. If your package takes an unreasonably long time to reach you after we have notified you of shipment (anything longer than three weeks at most, (or as much as three months in Russia) you can use that tracking number to have YOUR postal or customs officials search for the package and expedite shipment.

Thank you!